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Learning to drive safely is an essential life skill. However, you need to work under the guidance of expert coaches who are passionate about teaching you the right defensive driving techniques that go way beyond meeting the minimum standards of passing NZTA (New Zealand Transport Agency) driving licence tests. See why we are the best driving school in Auckland – fill this form now.

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You do not have to second guess your choice once you sign up with us. We have gone through great pains to interview every good driving instructor Auckland has, and the result is our handpicked team of highly qualified and experienced trainers, who make us the best driving school Auckland has. With us, you can expect nothing but the best driving lessons Auckland provides.
A lot of driving schools provide the cheap driving lessons Auckland drivers license aspirants expect. However, we have carved a name for ourselves by delivering the best value for the time and money you spend with us. Our excellent training programs are tuned to help you become the safest driver you deserve to be, and our instructors are dedicated to having you imbibe good driving habits while shrugging off the bad ones.
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Attend the best driving school Auckland has and take advantage of the cheap driving lessons Auckland locals expect, while you get the most outstanding driving lessons Auckland has to offer.

Best Driving Lessons in Auckland

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Don’t be surprised if you find that every good driving instructor Auckland has works with Driving Lessons Auckland. This is not a coincidence. We invest a lot of time and effort in recruiting the best in the area, and we don’t stop there. Our dedicated instructors go through rigorous training in the latest and world class driving instruction strategies to bring out the best in you.

Our Driving Courses

Learn the rules of the road for your and others’ safety. Get expert guidance to pass the theory test and get your learner licence.
We’ll help you ace the practical driving test to get your restricted drivers licence. Attain the skills to drive safely on New Zealand roads.
Get your driving independence. We’ll show you how to detect and respond to the challenges of hazardous driving situations.
We’ll train you to identify, avoid and handle all potential hazards of New Zealand streets. Get your full drivers licence faster.
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We Are The Best Driving School Auckland Has

We not only offer the cheap driving lessons Auckland residents expect, but we also ensure that they are backed by the highest standards, exceeding the ones set by the NZTA. This ensures that you get the training you need to get your New Zealand drivers licence easily. Our NZTA approved advanced driving courses are accredited by AA Driving school and NZIDE. We ensure that you pick the right driving habits that make you a safe driver for life. This is what makes us the best driving school in Auckland:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

There is no NZTA requirement to join a driving school to qualify for your New Zealand drivers licence. However, you will save time by passing the various licencing stages in one shot. Failing the tests also means you have to go through the hassle of sitting through the evaluations multiple times and you have to pay the testing fee every time. It will be faster and easier for you to get your New Zealand full drivers licence if you attend the right driving school.
Do not fall for the typical cheap driving lessons Auckland driving schools provide. Don’t waste your precious time and hard-earned money. Driving Lessons Auckland delivers the best value for your time and money.
Well, it depends on your goals. Taking an advanced driving course will undoubtedly make you a better driver, but that may not be a good enough motivation for most licenced people who are already satisfied with their driving skills.
However, if you are in the process of applying for your New Zealand drivers licence, going through an NZTA approved defensive driving course or a street talk program will help you cut the time you need to spend on your restricted drivers licence. It will also relax the age limits for you so you can get your full drivers licence quicker.
Approved advanced driving courses can also help you score points towards an NZQA (New Zealand Qualifications Authority) qualification, which allows you to gain national or international recognition for robustness and credibility of your skill.
Irrespective of the reason why you want to complete an advanced driving course, do not pour your money into it without evaluating the facility and the quality of training. Driving Lessons Auckland is the best place in the area to take full advantage of completing your advanced driving course, and that too at rock-bottom prices.
No one can guarantee that you will pass a particular phase or all stages of the New Zealand 3-step driving licence process. The tests for the learner licence, restricted drivers licence and full drivers licence are administered and evaluated by the NZTA, an independent body that no driving school, individual or organization can influence.
Your best shot is to join the right driving school that excels at providing its students with the training required to make it easy for the attendees to pass the NZTA tests at various stages. Taking an advanced driving course may also improve your chances of passing the behind the wheel test as these programs enhance your driving skills in terms of safe and defensive driving, which are the key parameters used by the testing officials to evaluate your practical driving test.
Driving Lessons Auckland has devised proprietary innovative training solutions to make it easy for you to ace the various licencing stages. Our unique pre-testing assessment is available for free for all our students, so that you can take multiple mock practice tests in the “near live” testing conditions. This enhances your chances of success immensely. Also, our instructors have a keen eye on spotting any bad driving habits that may result in your failure – they work diligently to help you shrug them off and adopt good driving practices that serve you for your entire life, not just in passing the licensing tests.

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