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Street Talk course is specifically designed to help young New Zealand drivers. This NZTA (New Zealand Transport Agency) approved course enhances your defensive driving skills. Taking this course will help you pass the new driving tests that you need to take to clear the learner and restricted licence stages. Get the most out of your time and money. Fill this form now.

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If you are a young driver, you may want to seriously consider taking a Street Talk defensive driving course. This advanced driving course has been designed by the NZTA and is administered by the New Zealand Institute of Driver Educators (NZIDE) through its network of providers.

Why Should You Consider Taking a Street Talk Course?

There are multiple reasons why you may want to take a Street Talk course. To begin with, it just makes sense as a young driver to make use of all available resources to help you turn into the safest driver you can be. After all, these are the founding years of your driving skills and the habits you form now will stick with you for a lifetime.
By taking a Street Talk course, you will have the advantage of learning the safe and defensive driving skills that the NZTA driving test officers look for. This will help you easily pass the practical driving tests you need to clear the stage 1- learner licence and stage 2 – restricted drivers licence of the 3-step process to getting a New Zealand full drivers licence.
To add to this, an NZTA approved Street Talk course brings you the same added benefits that you get with other advanced driving courses such as the Defensive Driving Course. When you produce the certification of completion for a Street Talk course approved by the NZTA, you get to enjoy the following advantages:
  • You will be able to get your full car drivers licence at the age of 17½ years instead of the otherwise minimum age limit enforced by the NZTA, which is 18 years
  • You will need to spend less time on your restricted car drivers licence – the required duration may be cut by either 3 or 6 months based on how old you are
You can enrol for an NZTA approved Street Talk course after obtaining your New Zealand learner licence or restricted car drivers licence.
Taking a Street Talk course may also help you score points towards an NZQA (New Zealand Qualifications Authority) qualification, in case you are also eyeing getting your other New Zealand qualifications accepted as robust and credible, nationally or internationally.
NZIDE has many providers all across New Zealand, providing their Street Talk courses. However, if you are in the Auckland area, and looking for the most cost-effective NZTA approved Street Talk course, look no further. Driving Lessons Auckland provides you with the best value for your time and money. Request a call back to know more about our Street Talk programs.

What is the Structure of the Street Talk Course?

The time taken to complete the Street Talk course depends on the provider you sign up with. On average, the classes are covered in 2 weeks and you have to attend at least 2 sessions every week.
Anyone who holds a New Zealand drivers licence (irrespective of which one) can enrol for an NZTA approved Street Talk course. The program involves four interactive meetings, held in a classroom environment for 2 hours. The course also offers a 4-hour practical session on the road.
Also note that though the course is designed by the NZTA, it is administered by the providers authorized by the NZIDE group. What is peculiar about the cost of this program is that NZIDE does not dictate the pricing of the course. This means that the providers are free to charge whatever they want to. Don’t get cheated and end up paying more than you need to.
Request a call back to take advantage of our rock bottom fee for the Street Talk course.

How Do You Evaluate the Street Talk Course Providers?

There are more things to consider besides the cost of the program when deciding on the ideal driving school to complete your NZTA approved Street Talk course.
The NZIDE places specific minimum requirements on its providers before authorizing them to conduct the Street Talk course. For instance, they need to have at least 4 students to run the course. If you sign up with an establishment that does not have the reputation for getting students on a regular basis, they will place you on a waiting list till they can fill the roaster. Do you want to wait, or would you rather sign up with someone who runs regular Street Talk courses all the time?
Another requirement on the driving schools is that they must have an “I” instructor endorsement before they can conduct the practical sessions required by the course. If the centre does not have this endorsement, it will need to hire a qualified instructor who has an “I” endorsement to run the practical sessions. Most small driving schools have trouble holding on to their “I” endorsement and “I” endorsed instructors. Don’t get stuck at a place where your Street Talk program gets blocked due to non-availability of an instructor who is qualified to run the practical sessions.
There are a few other standards to be held by the providers to be authorized to run the NZTA approved Street Talk course, and maintaining these is not something every driving school can do consistently. You do not want to get into a situation where you have paid your fee and are not able to complete the Street Talk course because the establishment runs into a problem.
We have been running our Street Talk courses in Auckland successfully for many years. You are bound to find one to suit your schedule. Request a call back to check our Street Talk course program calendar or request one to fit your needs.

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