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Stage 3 - Full Drivers Licence Course in Auckland

Aren’t you elated you have crossed the first two stages of the 3-step process to get an unrestricted New Zealand full drivers licence? Now is not the time to relax, this is when you need to go all out and break the shackles of driving with so many conditions. We know the ins and outs of the process, fill in this form and let us help you achieve your dream of gaining your driving independence.

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Most New Zealanders dream of completing stage 3 – full drivers licence as soon as they turn 18. Some even go a step further and enrol in advanced driving courses to get there when they hit 17½ years of age. This is where all you have learnt during your New Zealand learners driving permit and restricted drivers licence comes together.

What is Different About Stage 3 - Full Drivers Licence Test Compared to the Previous Phases?

While the first stage was about learning the laws of the road and learning basic vehicle handling, and the second phase dealt with training you on safe driving practices, the last step is to turn you into a driver who can detect and respond to hazardous situations. During the test conducted by the NZTA (New Zealand Transport Agency), you will be expected to perform all assessable tasks without depending on the testing officer to explain to you what is required.
You will be evaluated based on how well you demonstrate your driving skills in the face of complex situations while maintaining a safe driving behaviour, as the NZTA testing executives throw you in the midst of a wide range of complicated road conditions and traffic situations.
Even the ones who have spent the NZTA recommended minimum hours behind the wheel training for the ultimate test fail to clear the final practical driving test to qualify for a New Zealand full drivers licence.
The reason for this is their lack of exposure to the peculiar situations the NZTA driving test officials throw at them during the driving test. Driving Lessons Auckland has devised their driving lessons in a manner that equip you to deal with the most challenging driving situations without compromising the safety of yourself, your passengers, other drivers on the road and street pedestrians. Request a call back to know more about how you can benefit from our innovate training techniques.

How Can You Get Your New Zealand Full Drivers Licence?

You need to have attained the age of 18 years before the NZTA will consider issuing you a full drivers licence. If you finish an approved advanced training course, you can beat the time and get your coveted full driving permit the moment you turn 17½ years old.
Based on your age, it is required that you must have held your New Zealand restricted drivers licence for a specific time. Again, obtaining a completion certification for an NZTA approved advanced driving course can help you cut down on the waiting time.
  • If you are under 25 years of age: You need to be on a restricted drivers licence for a minimum of 12 months if you can prove that you have satisfied the requirements of an NZTA approved advanced driving course. However, the waiting period on your restricted driving permit, before you can apply for a full drivers licence, goes up to 18 months if you have not completed such a course.
  • If you are over 25 years of age: You must have been on a valid restricted drivers licence for 3 months or more if you can establish completion of an NZTA approved advanced driving course. However, if you cannot provide certification to prove that you have completed an advanced driving course, the minimum time you need to spend on your restricted drivers licence before applying for a New Zealand full driving permit goes up to 6 months.
We recommend you book an online appointment on the NZTA website for your practical driving test, which is a mandatory requirement for a full drivers licence, as soon as possible to cut waiting time. You will need to fill out an application, provide proof of identity, take an eyesight test to meet the required standards, provide your signature and pose for a photo when asked to. Also, if you have undergone an NZTA approved advanced driving course, you will be asked to submit proof of completion, and pay the application and testing fees in full.
Before you go for your full driving test, we recommend you request a call back from our immensely experienced and qualified driving instructors. They will be happy to go over the finer points of what you may need to pay attention to during the NZTA testing process. This may help you prevent failing the driving test and the hassles of going through the practical driving test all over again. Not to mention losing your testing fee and the loss of time you cannot put a price on.

What Happens Once You Pass The Stage 3 - Full Drivers Licence Test?

There are no words to express the emotions people go through when they get their hands on their well deserved full drivers licence. This is not just a card you get in mail after you pass the practical driving test – it is your ticket to independence you earn as part of your right to get behind the steering wheel. The 30 minutes you spend (which includes 20 minutes of driving) with the NZTA testing officer determines if you will be able to hit the roads in any class 1 vehicle without the limitations of a restricted drivers licence, or you will have to return to try your luck again.
It is extremely crucial that you train under the guidance of the best driving instructors so you can get to the next level of the NZTA driving licencing process with ease. If you are in or around Auckland, we can help you ensure you and your car are prepared for the final stretch of testing. We are the best in the industry when it comes to helping you obtain your full drivers licence quickly at the lowest training fee. Do not miss the golden opportunity of attending the best driving school in the Auckland area – click here to request a call back now.

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