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You live in the West Auckland area and just cannot wait to take your dad’s flashy car out for a spin to impress your friends. But there is a problem – you do not have a New Zealand drivers licence and also need to learn how to drive. Well, this article is just for you. We will not only help you with the basics of how the NZTA (New Zealand Transport Agency) licencing process works but also show you how to learn from the best driving instructor west Auckland has.

How does the New Zealand drivers licensing process work?

NZTA is the authority that administers the New Zealand drivers licensing program. You have to go through a 3-step process to get your full drivers licence.

Stage 1 - Learner Licence

NZTA will require you to pass a theory test to establish that you know New Zealand’s rules of the road. This comprises of 35 multiple choice questions, and you must get at least 32 right. Don’t flunk the test and waste your time and testing fee. Get the driving lessons West Auckland residents trust. Request a call back now to get your learner licence easily.

Stage 2 - Restricted Drivers Licence

To get a restricted drivers licence, you must prove that you can drive safely on the roads. Do not fail your practical driving test. Attend the best West Auckland driving school. We equip you with excellent driving habits that last a lifetime.

Stage 3 - Full Drivers Licence

Here, the NZTA examiner will see if you can detect and respond to hazardous situations. Our proprietary innovative coaching methods prepare you to deal with all sorts of dangerous driving conditions.
You can also expedite your licencing process by completing an advanced driving course.
Once you have the full drivers licence, you can drive any class 1 vehicle on the roads of New Zealand without the limitations of a restricted drivers licence. Request a call back to see why we are the most trusted West Auckland driving school.

Do you want to learn from the best driving instructor West Auckland has?

As a new driver, it is crucial that you form the right driving habits from the beginning. This is only possible if you start your driving journey under the expert supervision of an outstanding driving instructor West Auckland offers.
Our instructors are approachable, enthusiastic, professional, respectful, patient, and can “shift gears” when needed. This makes them fully qualified to deliver the outstanding driving lessons West Auckland driving students expect.
They have a keen eye to spot any bad driving habits. Our dedicated coaches will help you drop the wrong behaviours and pick the right driving habits that will stick with you forever.
Remember, driving is not a privilege – it is a responsibility towards yourself, your passengers, other drivers and the pedestrians you share the road with. You owe it to yourself to become a safe and defensive driver. Let the outstanding instructors of Driving Lessons Auckland help you become the responsible driver you deserve to be.
Driving Lessons Auckland has been helping new drivers from the West Auckland area get their New Zealand drivers licences for many years. See how this West Auckland driving school can help you obtain yours quickly, that too for the low price you cannot imagine. Get access to the most outstanding driving lessons West Auckland offers, taught by the best driving instructor West Auckland has. Request a call back now to know more about our exceptional driver training programs.

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