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There are lots of advantages to completing a defensive driving course under the guidance of trainers affiliated to the AA (New Zealand Automobile Association) Driving School. Cut down on the time it takes to get your full drivers licence and also become a safer driver in the process. Do not waste your time and money – fill this form to train at the best driving school in Auckland.

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Attending an NZTA (New Zealand Transport Agency) approved defensive driving school helps you fast track your New Zealand full drivers licence application, so you can get the keys to your independence quicker. And you do not have to spend all your savings doing so – defensive driving course cost can get prohibitively high if you end up getting trapped by an establishment that uses hard selling gimmicks and dazzles you with some shrewd marketing to entice you.
Our team of expert driving instructors have devised the best defensive driving course Auckland has, and Driving Lessons Auckland is proud to serve you with our innovative defensive driving course at a rock bottom fee. The reason we can keep our costs low is that we do not spend a ton of money on sales and marketing activities. We believe in letting our satisfied customers be our brand ambassadors, and most of our new business comes via referrals. Request a call back to know more about our defensive driving training programs.

What is Offered As Part of Defensive Driving Training?

Every defensive driving school in New Zealand who wants their defensive driving course to be considered by the NZTA (New Zealand Travel Agency) for the concessions that the trainees who complete the course can avail must be affiliated to the AA (New Zealand Automobile Association) Driving School.
The AA Defensive Driving course provides you with the skills and knowledge to turn you into a safer and smarter driver who can handle the challenges of the roads and difficult traffic conditions with confidence. By attending an AA Driving School affiliated defensive driving school, you can expect to learn the critical defensive driving techniques, such as the skills, knowledge and confidence to be a smarter and safer driver. You’ll learn the necessary defensive driving skills, such as being able to assess and identify any potential hazards, so you can reduce the risks of causing an accident or getting affected by a crash.
As for the specifics, an AA Driving School accredited defensive driving course has the following features:
  • You will need 9 hours to go through the entire defensive driving training
  • The course includes 4 sessions conducted in a classroom setting
  • There will be one practical in-car session
  • All the trainees will get access to AA Driving School’s online system for driver training
Note that the course fee paid towards the defensive driving course cost is not refundable.
We offer the best AA Driving School accredited defensive driving course Auckland has. Our instructors go through the rigorous training required by the accreditation process and also keep up with any changes to the defensive driving program, so you get the benefit of the latest developments in the area. Request a call back to book your slot at our excellent facility for the defensive driving training and get your New Zealand licence quicker.

Does Your Defensive Driving School Adhere to the Highest Standards?

It is one thing for a defensive driving training establishment to meet the minimum requirements to qualify for affiliation from the AA Driving School. However, it does not guarantee adherence to the highest standards that lead to offering the best defensive driving course Auckland has.
We do not stop at achieving the minimum standards required by the AA Driving School accreditation process. Our goal is to give you the best value for the defensive driving course cost you incur. We want our students to stand out of the crowd when they drive on the New Zealand roads. Our goal is not just to help you get your New Zealand full drivers licence faster by completing the defensive driving course, but we want to instil the life-long driving skills you’ll need to be the safe and smart driver you deserve to be – something not done by any other defensive driving course Auckland provides.
Request a call back to learn why Driving Lessons Auckland is widely respected in the industry to give the best when compared to any defensive driving course Auckland offers.

What are the Specific Advantages of Going Through a Defensive Driving Course?

We have already discussed the general advantages of going through an NZTA approved defensive driving training program. Let us now look at some specifics and hard numbers.
Completing an NZTA approved AA Driving School defensive driving course allows you to obtain your full drivers licence 6 months earlier, which means that you can apply for your full driving permit as early as soon as you attain 17½ years of age. That is an excellent value for the defensive driving course cost you incur.
As per the AA Driving school defensive driving page, New Zealand driving license aspirants who complete the defensive driving course accredited by them have a 10% higher chance of passing the practical driving test on their first attempt.
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Who Else Can Benefit from the Defensive Driving Course?

Though the majority of people taking the AA Driving school defensive driving course do so to fast track their New Zealand full drivers licence, there are other folks who can benefit too.
Even the drivers holding full licences can take advantage of completing the defensive driving courses accredited by the AA Driving School. For instance, if you are a court referral, a new police recruit who is in the process of completing his/her police diversion programme, or just about anyone who wishes to refresh their knowledge of driving on the roads of New Zealand and improve their skills as a driver, the defensive driving course can be an excellent aid.
Our defensive driving course helps you identify any bad driving habits and enables you to pick the skills and the ability to address these before you get behind the wheel again, for testing or otherwise. If your goal is to pass the driving test, our expert trainers will provide you with practical advice to ace it comfortably. We will give you full access to the AA Driving School’s state-of-the-art eDrive portal, so can use tools like situational awareness and visual search to experience real-life situations shot on New Zealand streets to avert crashes when you get behind the wheel.
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