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Driving Lessons Auckland is one of the best driving schools in the area. Our innovative approach to training and our extensive experience in the industry puts us in a unique position where we can offer our excellent coaching to both young and experienced drivers at an attractive fee. We not only help you get your New Zealand drivers licence quickly but also leave you with safe and defensive driving habits that stick with you forever. Fill this form to know more about our outstanding services.

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Teaching New Zealanders to drive is not just our business – it is our passion. We take extreme pride in what we do and do not stop until we are satisfied with the results. Our dedicated driving instructors do not stop at meeting the minimum standards required by the NZTA or our affiliation partners. We are always looking for new and better ways of training our students, so they get the best value out of the time and money they spend with us.

What Sets Our Driving Coaches Apart?

Our driving instructors are the backbone of our training school. It is them who you spend most of the time with, and the quality of their coaching can make or break your dreams. We pride ourselves in going the extra mile and not stopping at just training you for passing the driving tests conducted by the NZTA (New Zealand Transport Agency), so you can get your New Zealand driving licence.
Driving Lessons Auckland handpicks its trainers very carefully. We ensure they have all the makings of a good coach – such as positivity, enthusiasm, supportive nature, trustworthiness, focus on the student’s interests, attention to goals, knowledgeability, careful observation, respect, patience and clear communications.
Our instructors will make sure you leave us with safe and defensive driving habits which will serve you well for a lifetime, while helping you shrug off any bad behaviours that may harm you, your passengers, other drivers and pedestrians.
Request a call back and feel free to interview our coaches to know them better and find their approach to driver training.

What Separates Our Driving Training Programs From The Rest?

Our driving training programs do not stop at meeting the minimum NZTA testing requirements or the standards expected by our affiliation partners. We devise our curriculum to provide long term benefits to our students, that go way beyond the immediate needs they have signed up with us for.
We are very passionate about training technology and keep updating our programs to include the latest developments in the field of driver training. This includes the use of sophisticated software and simulation platforms to help our students experience the most challenging driving conditions that may be impossible to explore on the roads.
With us, you get access to the most advanced and latest driver training techniques available in the industry. Request a call back, and we will be happy to explain how our uniquely crafted training programs can benefit you.

What is So Special About Our Customer Service?

Driving Lessons Auckland lives and breathes excellent customer service in all our dealings – you are the most important person in our business. If you are not wowed by our service, we have failed in our endeavours. We leave no stone unturned in ensuring you get the best service experience not only during your stay with us, but also before you join us and after you leave. You can always count us to be on your side to help you with any driving questions, concerns or special requests you may have related to your training.
We are honest and ethical in all our dealings – no gimmicks, no lies, no hard selling. Our approach is to provide you with honest feedback at all steps of the way and help you make the right training decisions based on your situation and accurate information.
And you get all this at the lowest price possible without any compromise on quality. We are flexible in our approach and try very hard to accommodate any special requests to make you comfortable. Request a call back to speak with our courteous and pleasurable customer service agents to know more about us and our excellent services.

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