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Advanced driving skills course prepares you to identify, avoid and handle any potential hazards on the road. Not only that, completing an NZTA (New Zealand Transport Agency) approved advanced driving course will also help you get your full drivers licence faster. Don’t waste time holding on to your restricted permit longer than you have to. Cross the final stage quickly – fill this form now.

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Advanced driver training will teach you techniques such as risk management, hazard detection and eye scanning, which you can use to reduce the chances of getting involved in accidents.

Why Should You Consider Taking an Advanced Driving Skills Course?

Besides equipping you with the crucial driving skills that will make you a safe and defensive driver for life, there are some short-term and more selfish reasons for completing an advanced driver training course.
Once you pass an NZTA approved advanced driving course, you will be able to reap the following immediate benefits:
  • You will not have to wait till you are 18 years old to get your New Zealand full drivers licence. Your advanced driving course completion certificate will allow you to achieve full driving independence the moment you hit the age of 17½ years – giving you 6 extra months to rule the roads of New Zealand without the limitations of a restricted drivers licence.
  • NZTA will reduce the time you need to hold your restricted car drivers licence by either 3 months or 6 months, based on how old you are.
The NZTA has approved two kinds of advanced driving courses that you can use to cut down on time it takes to get your New Zealand full drivers licence and reduce the time you need to stay on your restricted drivers licence.
We offer both the NZTA approved advanced driving courses – Defensive Driving Course and Street Talk. Our trainers are highly qualified and immensely experienced to ensure you get the best value out of the time and money you spend on these courses. Request a call back to know more about our advanced driver training programs.
You stand to gain a lot by completing your NZTA approved defensive driving course under the expert supervision of instructors affiliated with the AA (New Zealand Automobile Association) Driving School. Don’t lose out.
Street Talk is an advanced driving course designed by the NZTA and offered by the providers authorized by the NZIDE (New Zealand Institute of Driver Educators). If you are a young budding driver, this is for you.

Who Should Consider Enrolling in an Advanced Driver Training Program?

Driving is a life skill, kind of like riding a bike or swimming. The bad habits you form in the beginning are hard to break, and the good ones stick to you for a lifetime. So, anyone who is just beginning to drive will benefit immensely from the critical safe and defensive driving skills taught in both the advanced driving courses.
Now, this is not to say that you cannot unlearn what makes you a bad driver and puts your passengers, other vehicles and pedestrians on the streets of New Zealand in danger. Remember, driving is not a privilege – it is a responsibility. An out of control car is like a loaded gun without the safety on – it can cause a lot of damage to public and personal property, while being a hazard for the other users of the roads you drive on. You owe it to yourself to fix your driving skills as part of being a good citizen, who cares about the safety of others as much about yourself.
Another set of drivers who may consider completing an advanced driving skills course are the ones who want to enhance their NZQA (New Zealand Qualifications Authority) qualifications. Approved advanced driving courses can help score points towards an NZQA qualification, which allows you to gain national or international recognition for robustness and credibility of your skill.
Irrespective of why you want to complete an advanced driver training course, you should make sure you do so at a facility that is well-equipped to host such sessions and has the expert driving instructors who can deliver the best results. Driving Lessons Auckland has the best facilities in the area and the most qualified trainers on staff to provide you with the outstanding advanced driving course you deserve. Get the best bang for your buck, request a call back to explore our low pricing and flexible training calendar.

Are There Any Restrictions On Who Can Enrol in an Advanced Driving Course?

The only precondition to enrolling in an NZTA approved advanced driving skills course is to hold either a New Zealand learner licence or a restricted drivers licence.
Most people signing up for the advanced driving courses are the ones who want to quickly get over the stage 1 – learner licence and stage 2 – restricted drivers licence. The reason for this is that they want to quickly get to the stage 3 – full drivers licence of the NZTAs 3-step driving licence acquisition program. However, this does not preclude others from benefitting from these advanced driver training programs.
Even experienced drivers who have spent a substantial number of years on New Zealand roads can take advantage of going through an advanced driving skills course. Such people include court referrals, new police recruits who are currently finishing up their police diversion programmes, or any other drivers who want to become better drivers than they currently are – by updating their knowhow of the current best driving practices.
Most driving schools confine their NZTA approved advanced driving training courses to the minimum requirements laid down by the AA Driving school (if you choose to undergo the defensive driving course) or the NZIDE (if you decide to pursue the street talk programme).
We, on the other hand, go the extra mile and run our courses so that we can imbibe the best defensive and safe driving habits in our students, so they stay with you forever. Our dedicated driving instructors have a keen eye to spot your bad driving habits and work diligently to help you shake them off. And all this comes at rock bottom prices, accompanied with excellent customer service. Request a call back to see the difference we can make to your driving.

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