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Everyone around you seems to be getting a New Zealand drivers licence. And you can’t wait to get yours too. Are you all excited about turning the ignition on and go roaring on the streets, while people notice you handling that beautiful car perfectly as you pass by? This is not merely another fancy dream of a youngster. It is your ambition, and with the right guidance, you can achieve it quickly.
Follow this article to see how you can make your journey to getting a full drivers licence go fast and without any hassles.
Since you are in East Auckland, you are in luck. Driving Lessons Auckland is undoubtedly the best driving school East Auckland has. We provide the most outstanding driving lessons East Auckland dwellers have access to. Request a call back to see how we can help you get through the New Zealand drivers licence process as fast as possible.
Here, we bring you some practical tips on helping you choose the most reliable driving school East Auckland inhabitants trust, so that you can train with the best driving instructor East Auckland has to offer.

How do you know if you have picked the best driving school East Auckland has?

It is easy to get lost in the sheer number of driving schools in East Auckland, with everyone promising everything under the sun. Don’t feel lost. Use your first contact with them to check if they even understand the NZTA (New Zealand Transport Agency) licensing process. You will be surprised to find that a lot of them would know the steps of the 3-stage licencing process but would now be well-versed with the specifics of what it takes to clear each stage.
Request a call back if you need information on the licencing process and how our unbeatable driving lessons East Auckland drivers trust can help you.

Stage 1 - Get a Leaner Licence

You will need to pass the NZTA theory test. This exam evaluates your knowledge of New Zealand’s rules of the road. You must score 32 or more points in the 35 multiple choice question paper. If you pass, you can have your learner licence.

Step 2 - Get Your Restricted Drivers Licence

Before issuing your restricted drivers licence, NZTA is going to ensure you have picked the skills necessary for driving safely on New Zealand streets. With us, you will have access to the best driving instructor East Auckland can provide. Our trainer will ensure you are well prepared for this practical driving test and pass with flying colours. Request a call back to learn more about our behind the wheel training courses.

Step 3 - Finally, Obtain Your Full Drivers Licence

This is the last step of the drivers licensing process. So, no surprise your examiner will challenge you with dangerous driving situations to see how you identify and react under such circumstances. Do not trust your dream with any driving school East Auckland offers. Let our expert and dedicated driving coaches help you pick the right driving habits. Request a call back now to get started.
Our advanced driving courses are approved by the NZTA and designed to help you form good driving habits and get rid of any bad behaviours. Taking an NZTA approved advanced driving course will also help you get your full driving permit faster.
With us, you can expect full attention of the most outstanding driving instructor East Auckland can provide. And this is true for all our instructors. They are highly qualified and fully dedicated to equip you with all the safe and defensive driving skills to turn you into the best driver you can be. Request a call back to check our low prices and excellent driving programs.

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