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Stage 1 - Learner Licence Course in Auckland

Getting a learner licence is the first step of the 3-stage process set up by the New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA). To become a kiwi driver, you will first need to take a theory test to prove you are aware of the road rules. Don’t want to flunk? Fill this form to start on the right foot.

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Take your first step towards getting your unrestricted New Zealand full drivers licence, sign up to appear for the theory test for stage 1 – learner licence. This NZTA administered test evaluates your knowledge of the rules of the road and safe driving concepts. You need to take this 35-question multiple choice exam on a computer and must respond correctly to at least 32 questions.
You will be surprised to know how even a lot of “smart” people fail to pass this theory test. Now, this is not to say that they are not smart but passing this exam is not based on intelligence, it needs you to be aware of the most intricate rules of being on the road laid down by the NZTA. They have been carefully framed to keep the streets safe for you, other drivers and pedestrians. You do not want to waste time and money to take the test again. Request a call back to see how we can help you ace the learner licence theory test.

How Can You Learn The Rules of the Road?

There are multiple ways of preparing yourself for the rules of the road. Some people like the DIY (do it yourself) approach where they spend weeks and months browsing the internet to read all about the rules of driving on New Zealand roads. And you think the internet is a trustworthy resource, right? After all, it is the world wide web that people look up to for all kinds of interesting gossip, and here you are – relying on the internet for “rules”!
Of course, you can choose to confine your research to the official NZTA website to avoid misinformation, but are you sure you won’t miss anything as you follow the maze of links in front of you?
Then you have the ones who like sitting by the beach going through big books on NZTA road and driving rules. Not a bad idea, if you can ensure that you will not be distracted by the alluring activities and scenery around you. And what if you fail to read that fine print and it appears on the test, ouch! You just blew your chances of crossing NZTA’s stage 1 – learner licence.
You don’t have to go hard on yourself. There is a better way. Driving Lessons Auckland has been in the business of helping New Zealanders get their unrestricted, full drivers licence in record times. And, it all begins with passing the stage 1 – learner licence theory test in the first attempt. We have devised innovative learning tools to help you master everything you need to know about the NZ road rules, so you don’t have to appear for the theory test multiple times. Request a call back to see how we can help you save time and money.

What Happens After You Pass Your Stage 1 - Learner Licence Test?

Once you have passed the hurdle of the NZTA theory test, you can expect the following:
  • You will get a temporary New Zealand learner licence
  • Your driving licence card will arrive in the mail
Now that you have your temporary learner licence, you need to make the best use of the opportunity so you can get to the next stage of applying for the restricted licence. For this, you have to hold your learner licence for 6 months or more. Once you feel confident about being a safe driver, you can apply for your restricted licence.
Note that there are specific conditions for you to be able to drive on a learner licence:
  • You need to have a supervisor sitting by you every time you drive
  • The car you drive must have “L plates” in the front and back
  • Passengers are allowed to be in the car while you are driving as long as your supervisor agrees to be responsible for their safety
  • NZTA enforces specific conditions on your learner licence – not following them can get you demerit points and fines, including severe penalties.
Make full use of your learner licence. Remember, your learner licence is only valid for 5 years – of course, you can renew it before 90 days of the expiration date. But would you not like to get to the next step of getting a restricted licence quickly. For that, you need to work with an experienced and qualified trainer so you can ace the restricted licence driving test. Request a call back from us and see how our expert trainers can get you to the next level quickly.

Does The Driving School You Pick Have The Needed Coaching Skills?

What is the approach adopted by your trainer? Are they just teaching you how to drive or getting you ready for a life skill? See how your trainer scores on these aspects:
  • Can you trust them to help you make the best decisions as a driver who is just beginning to drive?
  • It can be very stressful and difficult for you as you are dealing with tons of new information and rules you need to follow. Does your coach ensure your preparedness? Can you depend on them to help you stay safe on the road and also protect the others around you?
  • Every time the coach gets behind the wheel, are they mindful that you are watching? After all, you are going to rely on them for the best advice.
  • It may have been a long time since your coach may have looked up the road rules. Do they keep brushing up their knowledge to stay on top of the latest road code? Are they paying attention to your bad habits while you drive?
Pick a coach who turns each ride into an enjoyable experience by engaging you fully in all aspects of learning. Our driving coaches are always careful with what impression they leave on you during the time they spend with you, keep updated with the latest road rules and approach the lessons professionally, so you get the most out of your time and money. Click here to request a call back to check our affordable learner licence course packages.

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