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Stage 2 - Restricted Drivers Licence Course in Auckland

How can you get your New Zealand Restricted Drivers Licence easily? The second step in your journey towards getting a full unrestricted driving permit is key to proving to the NZ Transport Agency (NZTA) that you can drive on the country’s roads safely. Do not mess up your practical driving test. Fill this form and get the training you need to succeed, right here in Auckland.

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Congratulations, you have cleared the first step of getting a New Zealand’s learner licence. The second step in this 3-stage process is getting your restricted drivers licence. This particular phase is very important as this is where you form the habits that will dictate what kind of a driver you will end up being. Are you going to be the ideal driver everyone will praise and look up to, or will you be the terror who scares even the squirrels into raising themselves on roadsides on their hind feet to save themselves when you are on the road?
Do not squander this time – make sure you work with expert driving coaches to train yourself during your Stage 2- Restricted Drivers Licence holding period. Request a call back to see how we can help you prepare for this crucial life skill.

How Can You Get Your Restricted Drivers Licence?

To get on with your stage 2- restricted drivers licence, you must have acquired the age of 16½ and held your New Zealand learners licence for 6 months or more.
The NZTA will require you to take a practical behind the wheel driving test to prove that you have attained the skills necessary to drive safely in the country. The more practice you’ve had driving around on your learners licence, while following the conditions of your driving permit, the better prepared you will be. Also, be sure to browse through the NZTA road code to refresh your knowledge of the rules of the road. NZTA also offers a lot of practical advice and practical driving tutorials on its website. Make full use of these resources before you appear for your restricted drivers licence test.
If you do not feel comfortable for whatever reasons, do not rush. Spend some more time practising on your New Zealand learners licence. Feel free to request a call back from the excellent driving coaches at Driving Lessons Auckland. We will make sure you get in shape quickly and clear your restricted drivers licence test quickly.

Does Your Driving School Prepare You Well For The Stage 2 - Restricted Drivers Licence Test?

The driving school you pick should not only equip you with the driving skills and rules of the road, they should also make you aware of the other needed aspects, so you do not show up for the test without proper preparation.
Driving Lessons Auckland has a well prepared list of items to assist you, so you do not forget anything before your New Zealand restricted drivers licence test. Here are some of the items we include in the checklist:
  • Be sure to carry your learner licence. In case you had obtained a 2-year extension from the NZTA on your learner licence, you will need to satisfy specific licence requirements, and the testing officer will verify them before starting the test
  • Carry L plates and display them correctly on the car you plan to use for testing
  • The testing vehicle’s licencing (rego) and warrant of fitness (WoF) must be current. Besides having a valid WoF, make sure you check your lights, indicators, tyres, wipers and condition of the body (for example, there should not be any dangerous damages such as missing bumper or rust)
  • In case your car is fuelled by diesel, ensure that the road user charges (RUC) label is valid
  • Your car must have sufficient fuel for completing the driving test
  • The testing officer will expect a clean passenger seat, or your test may be rescheduled
  • Don’t forget that you still hold a learner licence till you pass your driving test and obtain a temporary restricted drivers licence – this means you must have a supervisor in the car during your driving test
Our driving instructors are well aware of the preparations you need to make before showing up for the stage 2 – restricted drivers licence test and will help you take appropriate measures to get you and your vehicle in shape for the driving test. Request a call back from our team to know more about our services.

What Happens After You Get Your Restricted Drivers Licence?

Once you pass the restricted drivers licence test, you can expect the following:
  • NZTA will issue you a temporary restricted drivers licence
  • You will get your new driving licence card in the mail
  • You can start driving on your restricted drivers licence following the conditions of your licence. Here again, our driving trainers come to your rescue if you have confusions related to the conditions of your New Zealand restricted drivers licence
If you fail your driving test, there is not much you can do but reappear after paying the testing fee again. What a waste? Don’t you wish you had worked with our expert driving trainers so you could have saved the trouble and time? It is still not too late, click here to request a call back and begin your driving lessons.
This is the final stretch now, and you must make full use of this time. Your restricted drivers licence will remain valid for 5 years. Of course, you can renew it before 90 days of the expiration date. But, wouldn’t it be better to quickly get through this stage and use this time to polish your safe driving skills.
However, make sure you work with a reputed driving school whose trainers are well aware of the conditions of your restricted drivers licence. You may end up with demerit points and fines if you commit any driving offence while taking on the road on your restricted driving permit. The amount of penalties are determined by the seriousness of the offence. You may even be entirely disqualified from driving, your car may be impounded, and if you end up accumulating demerit points beyond a certain limit, you may land in jail. Reaching 100 demerit points in a 2 year period will automatically lead to cancellation of your licence. And if you lose your restricted drivers licence, it will take much longer for you to apply for a full driving permit.
You do not have to make your life harder by landing in legal trouble or getting into a situation where obtaining a New Zealand full drivers licence takes forever. Use this time productively to spend more time behind the wheel working with an expert driving instructor to train well for the next stage, who can keep you away from trouble as well. Request a call back and find out how we can help you get your restricted drivers licence easily and prepare you for full driving permit.

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