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Are you ready for your New Zealand drivers licence test? Do you know that NZTA (New Zealand Transport Agency) is not going to refund your testing fee if you fail? Save your time, money and the hassle of booking an appointment, going to the testing centre and coming back frustrated. Take a pre-test assessment before approaching NZTA. Fill this form to get started.

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Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could go through an evaluation by yourself or someone you can trust for honest feedback before approaching the NZTA for an actual drivers licence test? Not only will it save you the examination fee and the time you have to spend at the testing centre, but also avoid the hassles of preparing for the actual event and the irritation of failing the test.
Driving Lessons Auckland is proud to offer this unique complimentary service to all its students. We help you get a fair self-evaluation by using our proprietary and innovative pre-test assessment tools, so you know if you are ready to approach the NZTA to set an appointment for your driving licence test or should you wait a bit longer and prepare some more. Request a call back to know more about our pre-test assessment offerings.

How Can a Pre-Test Assessment Help You?

Say you have been spending many hours practicing what it takes to cross the next step of the 3-step New Zealand drivers licence acquisition process. You feel confident and sign up with the NZTA to set the date, time and venue for your NZTA drivers licence test. This may be for any stage of the drivers licencing process. Let us break it down and see how a pre-test assessment can help you at every step of the process.

Learners Licence Pre-Test Assessment

To get through Stage 1 – Learner Licence, you need to appear for and pass the computer-based theory test that evaluates your knowledge of the rules that apply to driving on the roads of New Zealand. The test consists of 35 multiple choice questions, and you need to respond correctly to 32 or more items. Any less, and you have wasted your evaluation fee and failed the test.
Our pre-test assessment mimics the actual test very closely, and you can take the exam multiple times. The questions are a mix of the real test questions made public by the NZTA, and the ones derived from the official New Zealand road code. Taking this pre-assessment test to evaluate your readiness for the learner drivers licence test will tell you if you are ready or if you need more preparation.

Restricted Drivers Licence Pre-Test Assessment

To get through Stage 2 – Restricted Drivers Licence, NZTA will require you to take a practical behind the wheel driving test with a testing official sitting next to you to evaluate if you have attained the skills necessary to drive safely on the roads of New Zealand. Here, just one mistake can prove to be expensive. The examiner is not going to help you with any driving instructions. Instead, they would mark your errors and find reasons to fail you – their job is to pass you only when they are fully satisfied with your driving skills needed at this level.
We have devised our pre-test assessment programme so you can experience the real testing conditions you will face when you appear for your actual restricted drivers licence evaluation, and, that too multiple times, so you know what mistakes you are repeating. You even get feedback so you can work on fixing your driving habits. Not bad, eh? You did not have to go through the hassle and embarrassment of flunking your behind the wheel test. And we bundle this service free of cost for all our students, so they do not have to waste time and money on the actual test till they are pleased with their readiness. Request a call back now to learn how our pre-test assessment works.

Full Drivers Licence Pre-Test Assessment

To get through Stage 3 – Full Drivers Licence, the NZTA testing executive will take you through challenging circumstances to evaluate if you can successfully detect and respond to hazardous driving situations. The yardstick used for concluding whether you pass or fail this stage is going to be much shorter and you will not have much wiggle room. Even a minor mistake will shatter your dream of getting your unrestricted full driving permit to rule the roads of New Zealand, at least for now.
And what makes it worse is that you had announced the approaching milestone to all your near and dear ones, who had probably made preparations to celebrate your success. But, now everyone, including you, is going to go through the disappointment. All of this could have been avoided if you had taken a pre-test assessment.
What? You have never heard of pre-test assessments!
Too bad. You are probably signed up with an average driving school. Not too many driver training schools in Auckland offer this service – after all, it takes many years of experience and expertise to put such a program together. If you are a student at Driving Lessons Auckland, you have the pre-test assessments bundled as a complimentary service as part of your training course. If not, you can still switch to us and take advantage of our excellent pre-test assessments.
Based on the results of your pre-test assessment results, you will also be in a better position to see if you can benefit from enrolling in one of the NZTA approved advanced driving courses. Request a call back, and our courteous driving instructors will be more than happy to show you the value of our programs and the complimentary pre-test assessments.

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